5 de Mayo and mole poblano are only

two things that put Puebla in the world map, but this amazing state in South-Central Mexico offers much more than that. The beautiful city of Puebla is Mexico’s fourth largest city and hands-down one of its best. Arguably the city with most churches in the world and ever fighting for the title of Mexico’s culinary capital, Puebla boasts several architectural gems and some of the country’s most iconic traditions. The state is home to three of the highest mountains in Mexico including its most active volcano, the legendary Popocatepetl. Dramatic mountain ranges whirl around its territory creating impressive landscapes and highly diverse ecosystems. Dinosaur fossils, enormous cactus and the world’s largest pyramid are among Puebla’s wonders. Take the road less traveled, indulge your senses and discover Puebla.

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Adventures in Puebla

The Valley of the Giant Cacti


Discovering Puebla City


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8 Days





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Nature, Adventure, Villages, Food, City, Culture, Archaeology

Places visited:

Puebla City, Cholula, Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Biosphere Reserve, Atlixco, Izta-Popo
National Park

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Trip overview

  • Discover the speldid colonial city of Puebla with its unique barroque style buildings, talavera ceramics and countless churches.
  • Indulge your palate with the cuisine of Puebla, famous to be one of the most exquisite of Mexico.
  • Hike alongside giant cacti and millenia-old trees as far as you can see in the extarordinary
    Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Biosphere Reserve, North America’s most biodiverse arid region.
  • Witness the amazing beauty of the legendary volcanoes at the Izta-Popo National Park.

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Customizable itinerary

Get in the mood of the trip and discover the exquisite Hacienda de Chautla and its beautiful setting.
After enjoying the place head to Puebla City to settle in your hotel and discover the city center (recommendations provided).

Start the day by exploring the central streets of Puebla City. Check out some of its numerous churches, colonial mansions and curious small businesses (recommendations provided). Then go to Cholula to see the world’s largest pyramid. Check out the archaological area and climb until you reach the church. Enjoy the views of the valley and the legendary volcanoes. After that, check out some of the stunning barroque churches of the area (recommendatons provided) and marvel with their unique architectural styles. Head back to Puebla to enjoy the city center in the evening (recommendatons provided).

Head to the incredible Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Biosphere Reserve, the most biodiverse desert region in North America. Let your local guide take you through the stunning Helia Bravo botanical garden walking among 15-meter high centuries-old cacti and millenary desert trees. Check out the salt mines of the area and try some of the unique local delicacies (recommendations provided). Spend the rest of the afternoon unwinding in your cabin admiring the landscape of the reserve. Enjoy one of the most beautiful night skies in the world.

Go for a sunrise hike among the cactus. Today the stop is in the tiny town of San Juan Raya, in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve. Millions of years ago this area used to be covered by an old ocean that, after massive tectonic movements, eventually dried up giving way to one of the most prolific fossil deposits in this part of the world. A local guide will take you on an extraordinary hike to see an enormous variety of endemic desert plants, numerous marine fossils and giant dinosaur footprints, as well as the world’s largest biznaga cactus. Check out the paleontology museum to learn about the history of the place. Spend the rest of the afternoon unwinding in your cabin admiring the landscape of the reserve and go for a night hike looking for nocturnal animal species (guided excursion).

Start your day and head to the picturesque town of Atlixco at the foot of the Popocatepetl, Mexico’s second highest and most active volcano. Explore this beautiful town full of charm with a unique atmosphere. Stroll around its colorful streets and try its delicious food (recommendations provided). Settle in your hotel and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Go to the Izta-Popo National Park, one of Mexico’s most scenic places. The name of the park is inspired by the 2 giant volcanoes inside of it. The Popocatepetl or Popo, smokey mountain in nahuatl language, and the Iztaccíhuatl or Izta, white woman in nahuatl language as well. There is a beautiful tragic legend behind these mounts that you will learn upon arrival. The Popo and the Izta rise to 5,426 and 5,230 meters above the sea level respectively, being the second and third highest mountains in Mexico. The Popo is closed for climbers as it is an active volcano in constant activity whereas the Izta is open and covered by several hiking and trekking routes. Climbing the mountain requires training, proper equipment and, if you’re not familiar with the terrain, a guide. You will settle in your mountain cabin inside the National Park, surrounded by lush forest enjoying of breathtaking views of the volcanoes.

A guide will take you hiking inside the park. You will plan with your guide how far and high you want to go depending on your level and resistance. Whatever distance it is the hike is outstanding and the views unforgetable. You will probably be lucky to witness one of the Popo explosions from the distance (completely safe and non dangerous!). The flora and the fauna are in most part endemic so keep your eyes open to spot the high mountain flowers and the beautiful teporingos, central Mexico’s cute mini rabbits. Go back and unwind in your cabin after the hike.

Drive to Puebla City or Mexico City for departure. Possibility of connecting/combining with other Mexico destinations.