Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus

The highest point in Greece, a majestic mountain home to twelve powerful gods.

A peak surrounded by lush forests inhabited by mythical creatures, forbidden to humans and only accessible through a gate in the clouds. An enchanted place that has inspired humankind for thousands of years. Today Mount Olympus with its sublime landscapes is one of Europe’s most impressive hikes. Challenge yourself and hike up the magical path to the gods.

Mount Olympus in a snapshot

Adventures in Mount Olympus

Searching for the Olympian gods


Sample Itinerary


8 Days





Best time to go

May – Sept


Nature, Adventure, Archaeology, Culture, Villages, Cities, Food

Places visited:

Athens, Litochoro, Dion, Mount Olympus Biosphere Reserve, Thessaloniki, Karidi Beach, Vourvourou.

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  • Local recomendations on food, drinks & hangouts
  • Train / Bus trip
  • Self-guided & private guides (when needed)
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Trip overview

  • Trek the wonderful Mount Olympus, the legendary home of the 12 Olympian gods and the highest mountain in Greece.
  • Discover the incredible Dion Archaeological Site, the place where Alexander the Great assembled his army before heading to Persia.
  • Try some of the best Greek cuisine in one of the most charming towns of Greece.
  • Wander around the streets of Thessaloniki and enjoy the treasures of this still undiscovered European jewel.

Starting from $890 USD

Customizable itinerary

Arrive at any time in Athens. Transfer to your hotel. Settle in your hotel and spend the afternoon/evening discovering the surroundings and familiarizing with the city (recommendations provided).

Discover the Acropolis of Athens and the magnificent Parthenon, as well as the city’s Ancient Agora. Walk around the picturesque old neighborhood of Plaka. Visit to the National Archeology Museum, one of the largest museums in Greece, where you will enjoy some of the world’s best collection of ancient Greek art (guides available upon request & recommendations provided).

Leave the Greek capital early morning by train and head to Litochoro, a charming town nestled between the great Mount Olympus and the Mediterranean Sea. During the day you will visit Dion archeological park, a religious center of Macedonia in ancient times. The site holds a great history, as Alexander the Great sacrificed to Zeus in Dion before starting the war against Persians. After Dion, you will head for a splash in the crystal clear waters of the Orlias River, with its waterfalls and countless natural pools.

Drive with your guide to Prionia your starting point at 1000 meters to one of the Mount Olympus trail. From there it will be all the way up to the Muses Plateau (at 2650 meters above sea level).
Reaching the plateau takes all day, once you are there, relax and enjoy the incredible playground of the gods. You will be sleeping in the highest mountain refuge of Greece, a peaceful place where time seems to stop and night skies are some of the best on Earth.

Wake up early and get ready to meet the Gods. Today you will climb Mytikas (2918 meters above sea level), the highest peak of Greece. According to Greek mythology, it is the home of the 12 Olympian gods. From the top you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the coast and the famous throne of Zeus. Start descending and discover the beauty of the great biosphere reserve. The ending point will be at Gortsia where you will be taken back to Litochoro for unwinding after the hike (recommendations provided).

Enjoy a relaxed morning in Litochoro town. You will catch the bus to Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. Upon arrival settle in your hotel and spend the afternoon/evening discovering the surroundings and familiarizing with the city (recommendations provided). Check its main highlights including the Aristotle plaza with its many restaurant and shop, the waterfront and the White tower, the city’s most iconic monument (recommendations provided).

Enjoy your last day in Greece relaxing at Karidi beach Vourvourou, one of the best beaches of the Halkidiki region. Its turquoise shallow waters and fine white sand are the best way to end your fantastic journey.

A driver will take you to Thessaloniki Airport to depart at any time. Possibility of connecting/combining with other Greece destinations.