Michoacan is a sublime land encompassed by the Mexican central highlands and the Pacific Ocean.

One of the country’s most alluring states, its coastline, mountains and lakes are full of wonders. Famous for its celebration of the Day of the Dead and its hip artsy capital Morelia, it boasts tradition and a strong cultural identity. Home of the world’s youngest volcano, the Paricutin; the city of hummingbirds, Tzintzuntzan; and the winter residence of the Monarch butterflies Angangueo, Michoacan surprises even the most extravagant travelers.

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Adventures in Michoacan

The world’s youngest volcano


Discovering the lake of Patzcuaro


The great Monarch voyage


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8 Days





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Nature, Adventure, Villages, Food, Nightlife, City, Culture, Archaeology, Wellness

Places visited:

Morelia, Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, Tzintzuntzan, Janitzio, Uruapan, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

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Trip overview

  • Explore the exquisite artsy capital city of Morelia, one of the colonial jewels of Mexico.
  • Climb the impressive Paricutin, the world’s youngest volcano, and witness the power of nature between enormous mountains of lava at the ruins of the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro.
  • Navigate the waters of the stunning Lake of Patzcuaro indulging your eyes with its timeless landscapes and charming towns.
  • Witness one of the world’s most amazing spectacles at the marvelous Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

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Customizable itinerary

Arrival in Morelia. A driver will take you to your hotel in the city center. Spend your afternoon discovering the stunning colonial city center strolling around its long streets lined with old viceregal palaces (recommendations provided).

Spend the day exploring the stupendous city of Morelia. Discover the old acueduct, an engineering wonder of its time; its many monumental palaces, museums and art gardens (recommendations provided). Get a taste of the mouthwatering local cuisine and famous sweets (recommendations provided), and understand why it is considered one of Mexicos young cultural capitals.

Your diver will take you to the incredible Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Your guide will hike with you inside the sanctuary where you will be a witness of one of the world’s most amazing migrations. After the hike your driver will take you to los Azufres, a beautiful mountain town nestled in the forest famous for its natural hot springs. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of sulfured hot water.
Drive back to Morelia to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening checking out boutiques, sweet shops, handcrafts and maybe a drink (recommendations provided)

The lake of Patzcuaro is one of the most famous cultural spots and stunning corners of Mexico. It used to be the epicenter the Tarascan state, a fierce enemy of the Aztecs. The old capital city of Tzintzuntzan is now an interesting archaeological area overlooking the lake. Enjoy the views and learn a little of the history of the place walking around the site (optional guide). After the visit, take a boat to the famous island of Janitzio, right in the center of the lake. Climb the steps until you make it to the heroic statue and its incredible views (recommendations provided). After seeing the island, head to charming Patzcuaro, the main town of the area, and discover why is it one of Mexico’s favorite places. Get lost in its streets and alleys, discover its old mansions and experience its magical vibes. In the afternoon check out Santa Clara del Cobre, and marvel with the enormous variety of beautiful copper handcrafts made by its skillful artisans.

Your driver will take you early in the morning to meet with your local guide at the foot of the Paricutin, the world’s youngest volcano. Cross huge lava fields and hike up the smokey giant while listening to the story of how the volcano popped out and swiped 2 towns in less than a week half a century ago. Visit the ruins of the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro where the old church embedded in mountains of solid lava is standing evidence of the power of nature. Drive back to Patzcuaro and cross endless avocado plantations around Uruapan, where more than 90% of the avocados of the world are produced.

Head to the beautiful Ixtapa beach on the dazzling Mexican Pacific Coast. Settle in your beachfront hotel and enjoy one of Mexico’s delightful beach destinations (recommendations provided).

Wake up to the sound of the waves and enjoy the numerous activities this beautiful destination has to offer. Hop on a kayak and explore the waters of the beautiful Ixtapa Island, go for a dive or try scuba diving for the first time in its crystal-clear waters, check out the local crocodile nursery and sanctuary and walk around its cool marina (recommendations provided).

A driver will take you to Ixtapa Airport for departure. Possiblity of connecting/combining with other Mexico destinations.