North-Central Mexico has some of the most amazing wonders of the country.

The Huasteca region, with its lush tropical forests, deep caves, turquoise blue rivers, volcanic lakes and surreal architecture, is one of Mexico’s adventure capitals. North and across the Tropic of Cancer, the legendary area of Wirikuta expands as far as the eye can see. A sacred land for the Huichol people, where precious minerals, stunning landscapes and the magical peyote cactus have attracted visitors for hundreds of years. Follow the call of adventure and discover the Central Highlands of Mexico.

Huasteca & Northern Plateau in a snapshot

Adventures in Huasteca & Northern Plateau

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8 Days





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Nature, Adventure, Culture, Villages

Places visited:

San Luis Potosi City, Real de Catorce, Tamasopo, Tamul, Xilitla, Pinal de Amoles

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Trip overview

  • Explore the lush cloudy mountains of La Huasteca and its hidden natural wonders, one of Mexico’s best kept secrets.
  • Get lost in the incredible surrealist sculpture park of Las Pozas built by eccentric Sir Edward James, patron of the Surrealism movement.
  • Emabark on a journey searching for the magical peyote cactus in the desert of Wirikuta, the sacred land of the Huichol people and legendary birthplace of the Universe.
  • Discover the extraordinary town of Real de Catorce and its legendary ghost town.

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Customizable itinerary

Arrival in San Luis Potosi Airport. Get your car and head to the city center. Stroll around the city center, one of Mexico’s colonial jewels (recommendations provided). After checking out San Luis Potosí City, head north to the mountains of Real de Catorce. Once in town, settle in your hotel and spend the evening trying one of its mesones (recommendations provided).

Wake up in picturesque Real de Catorce. Head to the Ghost Town and enjoy a beautiful hike with stunning views of the mountains and surrounding valleys (map and recommendations provided).
Wander around the remains of the old town that used to be the second largest silver mine in the world back in its time (local guides available upon request). After exploring the ruins, head back to town to unwind and enjoy an afternoon checking out the boutiques, handcrafts and cafes (recommendations provided).

Early wake up to discover the desert. The Wirikuta desert is the most sacred place for the Huichol people, one of Mexico’s representative indigenous cultures. In Huichol cosmology, Wirikuta and its Cerro Quemado (Burnt Mountain) is the place where the Universe originated and their grandfather  The Fire was born. The area is abundant in peyote cactus, a legendary medicinal plant that when ingested produces temporary sensory alterations and changes in the state of mind. Huicholes use it with the direction of their shamans, to guide their way through its ancient rituals. Venture into the desert region on the back of a horse and in company of an experienced local guide, searching for the magical peyote cactus. The landscape is extraordinary with serene desert all around, endless high plains on one side and the maginificent Cerro Quemado on the other. Your guide will take you around the mountain and to the summit to see the magical ceremonial center of the Huicholes. You will head back to town after the ride for a free evening to relax (recommendations provided).

Head to Tamasopo waterfalls, one of the gems of the Huasteca region. The famous Huasteca is an extraordinary area shared by several Mexican states characterized by its rugged terrain, lush tropical and cloudy forests, turquiose rivers and deep caves. Start familiarizing with the area by discovering Tamasopo and its famous Puente de Dios, a turquoise blue river forming several waterfalls and unique natural rock formations. Have a swim and enjoy the beautiful fresh water and paradisiac scenery. After spending as much as you want in the area, head to the town to settle in your hotel and relax (recommendations provided).

Start the day and head to Tamul waterfall, an impressive 105-meter fall inside a blue water canyon.
Upon arrival your guide and captain will take you on a rowing journey up the river to see the stunning cascade. The mountains of the area are lush and abundant in fresh water so there are several spots to swim and contemplate nature along the way. After the waterfall experience head deeper in the mountains and reach the Cave of Swallows or Sotano de las Golondrinas, a massive sinkhole in the middle of the mountains where every day at dusk, thousands of birds come back to the cave. Make sure to arrive before the sun sets to witness the phenomenon. After the natural show head to Xilitla, the surreal heart of the region. Settle in your hotel and explore the center of the town (recommendations provided).

Wake up in the peculiar town of Xilitla and its lush mountains. Make of Las Pozas your first stop.
This surrealist sculpture park was built by Sir Edward James, an eccentric English man and patron of the Surrealism movement who, inspired by the place, decided to build his own surreal jungle castle. The place is mysterious and alluring. Wander around its buildings and get lost between pools, waterfalls and staircases leading nowhere. After exploring Las Pozas head to the center of town and pay a visit to the Leonora Carington museum to see the exceptional collection of this representative of the Mexican surrealism movement. Have a free afternoon to relax and discover the town (recommendations provided).

Hit the road and head to Pinal de Amoles, the highest point of the stunning Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. The natural protected area with its rugged geography includes tropical, cloudy and pinetree forests, making it a unique set of natural environments. There are several extraordinary spots along the way to hike, swim and enjoy the pristine nature (recommendations provided). Take your time on the road and reach timeless Pinal de Amoles and its breathtaking views. Settle in your hotel and spend the afternoon exploring the town (recommendations provided).

Take the car and head to San Luis Potosi Airport for departure. Possibility of connecting/combining with other Mexico destinations.