A train ride through some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world

crossing deep canyons of unparalleled beauty. Unbelievable waterfalls with epic legends behind. A truly wild land, home to the world’s most extreme runners and some of Mexico’s most amazing sceneries. Chihuahua is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventure seekers.

Chihuahua in a snapshot

Adventures in Chihuahua

A spectacular ride across the Sierra Tarahumara


Discovering Mexico’s highest waterfall


Experiencing mountain life in Creel


A spectacular ride across the Sierra Tarahumara


Sample Itinerary


8 Days





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Nature, Adventure, Culture, Villages, Food

Places visited:

Chihuahua City, Creel, El Divisadero, El Fuerte, Los Mochis

  • Day-to-day personalized itinerary
  • Hand-picked accommodations
  • Local recomendations on food, drinks & hangouts
  • Train journey
  • Self-guided & private guides (when needed)
  • Expert local support
  • 100% customizable

Trip overview

  • Embark on a remarkable journey aboard the Chepe train through some of the most impressive
    landscapes in the Americas
  • Enjoy the magnificense of the Copper Canyon and the stunning Sierra| Tarahumara
  • Discover the astonishing Basaseachic Falls, Mexico’s highest permanent waterfall.
  • Meet the Raramuri people, the world’s fastest long-distance runners, one of Mexico’s beautiful and endangered indigenous cultures.

Starting from $999 USD

Customizable itinerary

Chihuahua City (anytime). Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your hotel.
Settle in and discover the wonderful center of Chihuahua City, famous for its colonial architechture and its importance during the Mexican Revolution (recommendations provided).

In the morning your driver will take you from Chihuahua to the wonderful town of Creel in the mountains of the Sierra Tarahumara. Settle in your hotel upon arrival and enjoy the unique Mexican countryside atmosphere of the town. After meeting with your knowledgeable guide, you will go on an extraordinary horseback riding excursion across the valleys and densely forested hills of Creel, where nature created capricious rock formations not found elsewhere. After the scenic ride you will be taken back to your hotel. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening strolling around town (recommendations provided).

Your guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in the morning to take you to Basaseachic Falls, Mexico’s highest permanent waterfall. You will enjoy of the most extraordinary panoramic views upon arrival with the stunning waterfall flowing before your eyes. You will hike down the mountain following winding paths through dense pine-tree and cloudy forests. There are several
stops along the way with breathtaking views of the giant waterfall. After the hike your guide and driver will take you back to Creel so you can spend the rest of the day unwinding by the fireplace or exploring the town with its beautiful handcraft shops and delicious restaurants (recommendations

The area around Creel is full of natural wonders that can be explored in different ways. Choose between hiking, biking, ATV or horseback riding to discover it. The forest houses several valleys with peculiar rock formations and mountain lakes that make it the perfect place for adventure. Take a full day to explore the area at your rhythm (maps and recommendations provided or private local guide).

Start your day by embarking on the fabulous Chepe train, the most impressive train ride in the Americas. Sit back and enjoy its world-class service and stunning views. Have your camera ready.
Your stop is El Divisadero, which translates as the viewpoint for an obvious reason, it faces the unimaginable Copper Canyon. A driver will be waiting for you at the train station to take you to your hotel. Once there simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the 5 deepest canyons laying right in front of you. In the afternoon a guide will take you on a hike in the valley to meet with members of the Raramuri local comunity and learn about their culture, traditions and way of living. After the hike, watch the extraordinary sunset from your hotel bar.

Take it easy in the morning enjoying a true breakfast with a view. Make your way to the Copper Canyon observatory and adventure center walking along the rim of the canyon and enjoying the many viewpoints and suspended platforms (map and recommendations provided). There are different thrilling options to experience the place. Decide between riding one of the world’s longest and highest ziplines across the canyon (1.6 Km long, 450m+ high) or climbing the thrilling via ferrata. Maybe both. Have your camera ready. After the adrenaline-fueled experience, make your way back to your hotel to enjoy the sunset.

Continue the journey hopping on the Chepe train. Once again, sit back, enjoy the view and have your camera ready. This part of the trip is the most dramatic of all, as the train tracks go inside the canyons, crossing several tunnels and bridges, and descending hundreds of meters on its route, changing from pine-tree forests to tropical green vegetation. As the train goes down the Sierra Tarahumara, the dramatic high canyons open up and give way to smoother valleys and wide rivers.
This time your stop is El Fuerte, a beautiful river town in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, birthplace of the legendary Don Diego de la Vega, better known as El Zorro. There will be a driver waiting for you at the train station to take you to your hotel, where you will have time to unwind from the trip.
Spend the rest of the day discovering the charming town (recommendations provided).

The final part of the Chepe journey goes between El Fuerte and the coastal city of Los Mochis on the Gulf of California. Once in Los Mochis a driver will be waiting for you at the train station to take you to the airport for departure. Possibility of connecting/combining with other Mexico destinations.