The land of gods

Once upon a time there was a land of ferocious gods and naïve humans, sprinkled by countless islands of unparalleled beauty. Fringed by mythical mountains and deep blue seas guarded by monsters and legendary creatures. Full of ancient stories of passion, beauty and tragedy. A land that saw empires rise and fall throughout time and that today still lives up to its bustling past.

Greece in a snapshot

«Pristine clear blue waters (…) adorn the longest coastline of the Mediterranean»

Greece has always been on the top travel destinations of the world. Known as the land of gods, it boasts a multitude of iconic archeological sites, from the magnificent Acropolis in Athens, birthplace of democracy; to Knossos palace, home of the Minotaur’s labyrinth in Crete. It holds a long history that makes it one of the world’s largest open-air museums.

Greece is a land of natural wonders. Pristine clear blue waters, stretches of golden Sandy beaches, sheltered coves, bays and hidden costal caves adorn the longest coastline of the Mediterranean.

Besides the thousands of islands scattered through its waters, mainland Greece offers one of the most haunting and beautiful landscapes in all of Europe, from the outlandish rock formations of Meteora to the legendary mount Olympus, home of powerful gods.

In a world full of trends Greece remains a classic. It might take a lifetime to explore all of its treasures but it only takes an instant to fall in love with its beauty.